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2.12 Release Notes

Release Date: 9/24/2021


  • In Lightning, CreatedBy user is now shown as a hyperlink as it is in Classic

  • Audit Tab (in File Detail) now has a refresh button and the Activity Date now shows the time as well as the date.

  • Clicking on Folder name in breadcrumbs refreshes the file list for that folder

  • When sending email from S-Drive component, searching in the “To” field is now easier with a type-ahead search

Bug fixes

  • Fix metadata not captured on large (multipart) file upload

  • Fix Bulk sharing gives error when sharing more than one folder with subfolders

  • Fix Classic: S3Object Read permission needed to upload files to other objects

  • Fix Lightning: Buttons slide over preview image on smaller screens

  • Fix file size is displayed for Folders on custom objects. File size field is now blank.

  • Fix “attempt to dereference null object” if attributes are missing on custom lightning component

  • Fix Audit Tab sorting gives error

  • Fix S-Drive email “To” search field only shows 25 users/contacts. Now shows 1000.

  • Fix Classic: Drag and Drop not always showing dropped file

  • Fix File Activity: upload not showing as an activity

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