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2.17 Release Notes

Released 1/31/2022

Upgrade Notes

Add File Objects to the File Object List

With this release, you must add file objects (Account File, custom file objects, etc) to a list in S-Drive Configuration. The addition of this list helps improve performance on the configuration pages and in some features.

If your file object is not on the list. it may not be fully accessible.

  • Go to S-Drive Configuration → General Settings tab

  • Scroll down to File Settings

  • Next to “S-Drive File Objects List” click the “Manage” button

  • When the new page opens,

    • either click Find File Objects to add file objects automatically.

    • Or click Add New Object Configuration

      • If you click Add New Object, you’ll see the following:

      • Enter the information in the boxes

        • File Object Prefix This will usually be blank. The out-of-the-box file objects have a namespace prefix of “cg__” for Cyangate (makers of S-Drive), but your custom file object should not normally have a prefix

        • File Object Name The API name of your custom object, such as My_Object_File__c

        • Parent Object Prefix Namespace prefix for parent object, which is the object your file object relates to. If your parent object is from a managed package, then it would have a prefix. If you created the custom object yourself, it won’t have a prefix.

        • Parent Object Name API name of the object your file object looks up to.

        • Relationship Name This should be “Parent__c” for custom file objects

      • Click Save


New Features

Performance upgrade

Custom S-Drive File Objects are now kept in a list so they are more easily retrieved. When you create a new file object, you will need to update a custom setting to add it to the list. See Add your Custom File Object to the S-Drive File Object List for instructions.


S-Drive is now translatable via Salesforce Translation Workbench

See for how to use translation for S-Drive.

Column header wrapping and column width configuration (Lightning only)

On the S-Drive Lightning Component, the Admin can use Custom Metadata Settings to specify whether column headings will wrap and can define column widths in pixels on a per-profile basis. See for details.

Folder cut and paste (Lightning only)

Folders can be cut and pasted to a new folder within the same record, just like files can be. Everything in the folder will be moved with it. A folder cannot be moved into one of its own subfolders.


S-Action code can access “Back” event

When using S-Actions, if you want to go immediately back to the list of files in S-Drive once your S-Action is completed, you can now access the event behind the “Back” button in your code, so users don’t need to click “Back”. See

Recycle Bin, Legal Hold and Checkout Files buttons can be enabled and disabled

You can now decide whether to show or hide your S-Drive Recycle Bin, as well as Legal Hold and Checked Out Files buttons if using those features.

If Preview and Thumbnail is not enabled, Previews no longer shown on Detail page

If Preview and Thumbnail are not enabled, you will no longer see an gray box for a Preview on the file detail page.

Salesforce Enhanced Notes are no longer synced when using File Sync

You can now use S-Drive File Sync without running into problems with Salesforce Enhanced Notes. We omit Notes (file type .snote) from file sync. Notes are autosaved, which caused them to by synced and possibly deleted in the middle of typing a Note. In addition, it makes more sense for Notes, which may regularly be edited, to remain as a Salesforce file, rather than moved to S-Drive.

In Console View, refreshing the Console Tab will refresh the S-Drive component

Refreshing the browser page is no longer needed to refresh S-Drive. Refreshing the Console tab will refresh the S-Drive file list.


  • Fix Preview and Thumbnail size. P&T for images are now smaller, rather than being generated at the same resolution as original image.

  • Fix Home Folder in Public Share folder tree so clicking on it returns to root level

  • Fix page navigation buttons are not visible on expanded previews on file detail. Buttons now show.

  • Fix copying/pasting and cutting/pasting to root level in a Public Share component is allowed. Users can no longer copy/paste or cut/paste to root level.

  • Fix null keys causing problems with Retention Policy.

  • Fix when file with unknown file type is synced, file extension is not included in the S-Drive file name

  • Fix file object missing from list on configuration page when generating previews for existing files

  • Fix files that are uploaded via REST API are downloaded when opened. Files will now be opened instead of downloaded.

  • Fix some special characters not working for Previews

  • Fix wrong file name with Copy URL download on Versioned Files. Copy URL will now show the current version’s file name.

  • Fix users with no S3Object permission can see files when clicking “Attach from S-Drive Folders” button. Button is now removed if user does not have permission to see S-Drive Tab files (S3Object.)

  • Fix folder icons always show question mark in Compact View. Folder icons now show empty, full, or unknown correctly.

  • Fix file upload fails if Preview and Thumbnail is enabled, but user doesn’t have Preview permission. File will now upload without a preview being created.

  • Fix delete confirmation message missing when using delete action menu. Confirmation message now shows when deleting using action menu just as it does when deleting using toolbar button.

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