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S-Actions (Custom Actions)

S-Actions allows customers can develop their custom code on VF Pages, Lightning Components or Static Resources Scripts and these code blocks can be embedded to S-Drive component as S-Actions.

S-Drive identifies your VF Pages, Static Resource Scripts or Lightning Component via S-Action definitions. S-Drive can import your custom action code blocks to S-Drive component in 4 different types which are Hidden, Display, Redirect or Lightning Component.
According to your S-Action definition, it is added on related objects Action Menus

and Toolbar S-Actions button as an option if configured for Multiple files.

When a custom action is selected from the menu, S-Drive runs your code blocks sending selected files id list with action name as parameters. After action is done, S-Drive inform users about action status.

Going Back to the file list when your S-Action is complete

For S-Actions that are Lightning Components, you can trigger the “Back” button to return to the file list by referring to our Back event in your js code.

  • To include the Back button in your component

    • <aura:registerEvent name="back" type="cg:back"/>

  • To fire the back button event in your js code

    • var eventAction = component.getEvent("back");;

In order for a user to access an S-Action:

  • User needs profile permission for SDriveCustomAction

  • OWD for SDriveCustomAction is “public read” or a sharing rule is in place to share SDriveCustomActions with the user

  • Either All Internal Users (or All External Users) checkbox is checked or the user is on the list of Selected Users

To configure S-Actions, see S-Action (Free).

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