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S-Drive for File Objects Component

S-Drive files are normally accessed from the S-Drive component on the parent record. However, S-Drive file information is stored in Salesforce records (Account File, Contact File, etc).

The S-Drive for File Objects Component can be added to the file object lightning page in order to see the file preview and find the file on the parent record.

To configure this component:

  1. Edit the file record page. In the screenshot below, we use an Account File record page.

  2. Drag the S-Drive for File Objects component onto the page.

  3. Click on the component to show the configuration on the right panel

  4. Fill in the fields as show. If this is a custom file object, there will be no namespace prefix and the Relationship Field Name will be Parent__r.

You can also locate the file in S-Drive by clicking the Open in S-Drive button. This will take you to the details of the file on the parent record where it resides.

Clicking Open in S-Drive will take you to the file detail on the record where the file resides.

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