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2.9 Release Notes

Release Date: 7/14/2021

File Sync enhancements

  • Preserve original file owner when syncing files. The CreatedBy field on S-Drive files that were synced now show the original file owner. Previously, the CreatedBy field was the system admin or whoever was listed as the file sync callout user.

  • Sync files with no extension. File sync can now handle syncing of files that do not have a file extension.

Retention Policy enhancements

  • Folders are exempt from retention policy. Since folders are not stored in your S3 bucket, they will be skipped during Retention Policy processing and will not be deleted. Files inside folders will be deleted if they meet the retention policy criteria. This prevents folders from being deleted even though there are files inside that do not meet the criteria.

Time zone on Lightning UI

  • Time zone for Created Date and Last Modified date now show in user’s time zone, rather than GMT.

Bug fixes

  • Fix file sync not working for large files when syncing pre-existing files

  • Fix retention policy failing when there are too many file records to check

  • Fix file sync “delete after sync” issues when file is attached to more than one object

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