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File Objects Resource



Method Details

Request Body Parameters

Response Body Parameters
fileObjects : List of Apex API names of SDrive file objects in the org.
Type: string[]

Status Codes 200 – Success

JSON Object Types
JSON Objects and their key value pairs that are used as arrays in our REST request and response bodies.

policyMap : Map of policy conditions and theirs values that represent the additional policy parameters used during upload (e.g. ('$Content-Disposition', 'attachment; filename)). For more information, visit the Amazon documentation:

FileProperty :
fileName : string
fileLocation : string
description : string
relationshipFieldName : string
fileType : string
fileSizeInBytes : string

UploadRequestInfo :
fileName : string
fileLocation : string
fileSize : string
fileType : string
wipFileId : string
signature : string
policy : string
timeStamp : string
awsRegion : string
awsCredential : string

status : string ( success or fail) error message : string ( empty if status is success) wipField : string ( to see which file failed)

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