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Records Management--Retention Policy, Check-out/in, Legal Hold (PAID)

Records Management is a suite of features that gives you extra control over your files. It is a cost of $500/month. See Records Management (PAID) for information about how to configure this feature.

Records Management includes:

Retention Policy--allows you to set conditions for files to be automatically deleted after a specified period of time

Check-out/Check-in--allows you to lock files when a file is downloaded for editing and unlock when it’s uploaded again

Legal Hold--allows you to lock a file indefinitely when it should not be deleted, for example, for legal purposes

Retention Policy

Sometimes there is a legal or compliance requirement to delete files after a certain period of time.. Retention Policy allows you to set a time period and criteria to automatically delete files. For example, you could have a custom checkbox that marks files that must be deleted after one year. Then you can set a retention policy for 1 year that deletes all files with that checkbox checked. Or you can set a policy that deletes all files on closed cases after 3 years.

Folders are not deleted with retention policy. Files that meet the criteria that are inside folders do get deleted.

Files deleted using Retention Policy are “hard deleted” and cannot be retrieved.


This feature allows you to download a file and check it out, which locks the file while you make your changes. No one else will be able to download the file while you have it checked out. Once you finish working on the file, you can upload it and check it back in.

If you use the Content Authoring/Online Editing feature, files are automatically locked while being edited.

Legal Hold

Legal Hold allows you to lock a file indefinitely. The file stays locked until you remove the Legal Hold. This is useful for files that must be preserved for litigation purposes or must not be changed or deleted for other reasons. Files under Legal Hold will not be deleted by Retention Policies.

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