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2.15 Release Notes

Released 11/12/2021

New Features

Folder indicator to show empty or not empty (Lightning Experience only)

Folders now show if they are empty or not, down to 5 subfolders deep. The folder displays as empty if there are only empty subfolders in it, but no files.

If there are no files in 5 levels, but there are subfolders that go deeper, folder with a question mark will be shown to indicate that we don’t know if it is empty or not at deeper folder levels.


Public Share Upload: Component no longer shows “inherit sharing from parent” checkbox

In a Public Share access component, “inherit sharing” should not be an option since Public Share is for non-Salesforce users. The Public Share component no longer shows the 'inherit sharing” checkbox (which was only shown on file objects with a lookup relationship to the parent), but files uploaded into a folder in a Public Share window will inherit the sharing of the folder.

Inherit sharing box is removed

Public Share Upload: Drag and Drop will not allow file to be dropped at top level

Files uploaded in a Public Share component must be uploaded into a folder. However Drag and Drop was not following this rule. Now, if you try to drag and drop at the top level, you will see an error message telling you to upload into a folder.

Hide Status Column if not needed

Status column on S-Drive Lightning Component will only be shown if Check-in/Check-out, Legal Hold, or Edit Online is enabled.

Without Status column

With Status column


  • Fix “upload new version” action showing when Upload is disabled in component configuration. “Upload New Version” will no longer show.

  • Fix duplicate file error message even though there are no duplicates, when files are renamed/copied/moved to root level (when duplicates are disallowed through configuration). Files can now be renamed/copied/moved to root level if there are no duplicate files without getting an error.

  • Fix duplicate file error message when file is restored from recycle bin and file exists on a different record (when duplicates are disallowed through configuration). files can now be restored from the recycle bin if there are no duplicate files without getting an error.

  • Fix email threading when using Email action in S-Drive component. Email responses will now show up in Activity timeline

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