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Automatic Folder Creation

If you want to build an automatic folder creation process in S-Drive for any type of object you have when you insert a new record, please refer to this section. We will use Account and cg_AccountFile_c object for our example.

  1. For the object you have, create an Apex Trigger.

  2. If you want this folder creation to take place after you create a new record, the trigger should work with an "after insert" statement.

  3. In the Apex Trigger, paste the following lines:

    trigger AccountFoldersTrigger on Account (after insert) {
    List<cg__AccountFile__c> folders = new List<cg__AccountFile__c>();
    for(Account c :{
      cg__AccountFile__c folder = new cg__AccountFile__c();
      folder.cg__WIP__c = false;
      folder.cg__Content_Type__c = 'Folder';
      folder.cg__File_Size_in_Bytes__c = 0;
      folder.cg__File_Name__c = 'Test Folder 1';
      folder.cg__Description__c = 'Some description for folder'; //use
      a description field if needed.
      folder.cg__Account__c = c.Id;
      cg__AccountFile__c folder2 = new cg__AccountFile__c();
      folder2.cg__WIP__c = false;
      folder2.cg__Content_Type__c = 'Folder';
      folder2.cg__File_Size_in_Bytes__c = 0;
      folder2.cg__File_Name__c = 'Test Folder 2'; //use name as
      folder2.cg__Description__c = 'Some description for folder'; //use a
      description field if needed.
      folder2.cg__Account__c = c.Id;
      if(folders.size() > 0){
      insert folders;
  4. Add up to your requirement the number of folders created.

  5. Change the Folder Names by changing the “File Name” section.
    For our example, the field is written as “cg__File_Name__c”.

  6. You can add descriptions to your folders by changing the “Description” field.
    For our example, the field is written as “cg__Description__c”.

  7. Make sure your Apex Trigger is active.

  8. Test by inserting a new test record and you can use these folders according to your needs

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