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S-Drive Email Lightning Component

S-Drive Email allows you to send email with attached S-Drive files from any record, not just the record you’re sending from. (By contrast, using the email icon on the toolbar in the S-Drive Lightning Component allows you to only send S-Drive files that are attached to that record.)

S-Drive Email supports email threading when using Email-to-Case. Replies to email sent will show in the Case activity history.

To add S-Drive Email to your Lightning page

  • Edit the Lightning page you want to add S-Drive Email to.

  • Choose S-Drive Email Lightning component and drag it onto the page.

  • Save the page.

To use S-Drive Email

  • Fill out the To field and other fields as needed.

  • Click Attach to attach files.

  • Choose the parent object of the files you want to attach

  • Choose the specific record

  • Choose the files

  • Click “Attach”

  • Click “Send”

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