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2.22 Release Notes

Released 10/19/2022

  • E-Signature integration,

  • Email enhancements,

  • Faster upload

Upgrade Notes

Once this release is downloaded from AppExchange, there are no additional steps to upgrade to this release from the previous release. If you are upgrading from an older release, please refer to Upgrade Paths.

New Features

E-Signature Support for DocuSign

With E-Signature, you can send documents out to DocuSign directly from S-Drive and the signed document will be uploaded back to S-Drive.

E-Signature solutions other than DocuSign will be supported in the future.


Expanded Default Email Address

When configuring S-Drive Lightning component, you can now use a lookup to specify the default email address. For example, on a Case, you can configure the default email address to be the Case Contact’s email.

You can also now list more than one email address in a comma separated list

Faster Upload

Processing that takes place before the file begins to upload has been improved, leading to overall improvement the time it takes to upload a file.

Faster Loading for S-Drive Configuration Page

S-Drive Configuration Page and some sub-pages (Preview and Thumbnail Configuration, Bucket Folder Configuration) will load faster. Records Management is now on a separate sub-page.

Sign Up for S-Drive Emails

You may be missing important emails from S-Drive if you are not the person who installed it. Now you can subscribe to our mailing list from your S-Drive Portal Account. You’ll receive critical emails about action you may need to take, along with information about new releases and invitations to our webinars. You can sign up as many people in your company as you like. (Please make sure you have their permission.)

In the Portal ( go to the Account Tab and sign up.

Bug Fixes

  • Provide error message when accessing a shortcut and the underlying file has been deleted

  • Fix thumbnails not showing in mobile

  • Fix folder size on compact/mobile views

  • Fix file sync not working when file uploaded by guest user

  • Fix cleanup when new version upload fails



  • MyDrive - the MyDrive toggle button on S-Drive Tab has been removed. If you used MyDrive, the files still exist in your S3 bucket. If you have any concerns, please Open a Support Ticket.

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