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3.0 Release Notes

Released 4/23/2024

Desktop Experience

Upgrade Notes

No action needed when upgrading from 2.27 to this release.

See Upgrade Paths when upgrading from other releases.

New Features

Desktop Experience

S-Drive Desktop Experience, sets up a virtual drive on your local computer where S-Drive files can be accessed.

  • Upload files from local storage to S-Drive all on your desktop, without being logged in to Salesforce directly

  • Edit files right on your computer with the changes synced back to S-Drive

  • Desktop Experience configuration settings determine which objects users see on their desktops, while standard Salesforce permissions and sharing rules apply.

Read more about Desktop Experience (Paid Feature) and contact Sales for more information.

AdobeSign integration with DocuFetch

If you use S-Drive’s DocuFetch document management add-on, you can send files for e-signature with AdobeSign or Formstack.


Exclusion rules on File Sync for Email

When syncing email attachments to S-Drive you can now create rules to exclude some email attachments from syncing. By specifying criteria such as file type or size, you can determine how to exclude email signature attachments. That’s just one use case. You can determine your own rules.


Bug Fixes

  • Fix Preview and Thumbnail versioning issue

  • Fix folder tree refresh on mobile

  • Fix private folders visible in folder tree

  • Fix file sync file.png placeholder name issues





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