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Lead Conversion with S-Drive Files

This section explains how to enable/disable copying files that are attached to a Lead, to Accounts / Contacts / Opportunities. This is found in S-Drive Configuration under General Settings (Other Settings).

If you want to copy the files on leads to the converted contact, account or opportunity, all you have to do is to check the required checkboxes in S-Drive Configuration page, shown General Settings Tab.

Checking these boxes will activate a trigger called ConvertLead on Lead object.

ConvertLead trigger works for copying files from cg_Lead_Filec object to cgAccountFileccgContactFilec, and cgOpportunityFile_c based on your selection. If you enabled S-Drive for Leads, Accounts, Contacts or Opportunities by using your own custom file objects, this trigger will not be able to move your files from the lead to converted contact / account / opportunity.

You will be able to see your folders immediately after the conversion process, a batch job will be executed to copy the files.  For more information on daily batch-jobs and SQueue, please see 'Select SQueue – daily batch jobs – execute time' section under General Settings. The conversion of lead files is handled with SQueue, and when the queue is executed, the files will be copied to the converted contact / account / opportunity, and you will be able to display your files.

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