This section contains information about the following features:

S-Actions - custom actions for S-Drive files

Lead Conversion - copy files to Account, Contact, and/or Opportunity when a lead is converted

Custom Settings - fine tune some configuration options by changing custom settings

File Sync/Attachment Sync - files uploaded to Salesforce can by copied or moved to S-Drive

S-Drive Reports - run reports on file objects

Email "S-Drive Tab" Files from an Object using a Custom Button (Classic) - easily email S-Drive Tab files from another object

Public Share using S-URL (short URL) - set up short URL and create links to files to share outside of Salesforce

Accessing External Files - upload files directly from Google Drive, Sharepoint, and other external sources

Creating Custom HTML Upload Page - upload files using a button at the top of your object page

Bucket Folders - create a top-level folder in your AWS bucket to more easily find files directly

User-defined Metadata - configure metadata to be assigned to uploaded files stored in AWS