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S-Drive 2.7 Documentation

Release Date: 9/25/2020

2.7.14 Release Notes

Enhancements: 1. Removed “Attach from S-Drive Folders” toolbar button in Public Share Access link In an S-Drive Lightning component on objects (not on S-Driv...

2.7.13 Release Notes

Enhancements: S-URL (short URL) and Public Share Reminder: What are S-URL and Public Share? S-URL: File URLs generated by Amazon S3 services are too long. It...

2.7 S-Drive Admin Guide

This guide will walk Admins through the steps needed to get S-Drive set up. See the INTRODUCTION page for what each section contains and choose which section...

2.7 S-Drive Developer Guide

This user guide contains detailed information about S-Drive customization with special APIs and intended for developer use. Refer to the S-Drive Admin Guide ...

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